1 Shirt Dress Styled 8 Ways

I recently partnered with Wool& to share 8+ ways to style their Clara Shirt Dress, to show that a little really CAN go a long way with a bit of styling creativity. You can read more about this project in their blogpost, and view the styling video below — but I thought I’d take a moment to break down each look, for anyone curious about the styling tricks and pieces that went into each outfit.


Styling Tip: For a pop of color I like adding warm, earthy tones like that of this cardigan, and the matching ochre-toned socks peaking out from my chelsea boots.


Styling Tip: Since the Clara Shirt Dress is collarless, it makes for a perfect pairing with a collared jacket. I kept the tie on the Shirtdress to keep it’s shape, since the chore coat layered over it is boxier.


Styling Tip: Since the Clara Shirtdress comes with a removable belt, I thought it natural to try a few belted options for color and material contrast. I liked this alternate belted option the most, particularly since this hand-made belt-bag matched perfectly with my clogs!


Styling Tip: I fastened the belt high on my waistline, and carefully tucked the bottom & front of my crewneck up and in through the belt and my dress. I left a bit of slack on the sweater so it hit just where I wanted it to about mid-waist.


Styling Tip: When layering underneath the shirt-dress, I found it important that the sweater beneath was relatively form-fitting. I recommend a ribbed turtleneck, or crewneck sweater.


Styling Tip: I’m gonna be honest, this look was TRICKY. You have to have the right jeans, with a bit of extra room to style the dress as a blouse. It helped that these vintage jeans are more of a mom-jean fit; with some extra room in the stomach & hip area. I folded the dress over twice before tucking it into the jeans, and distributed the dress as evenly as possible while doing so.


Styling Tip: Since this pair of jeans has less room to work with, I folded the dress up, and tucked it into my bra. This definitely gives more of a relaxed, tunic-like vibe than the last look.


Styling Tip: It can get pretty chilly in Seattle on the average winter day, so layering the Clara Shirtdress over a pair of leggings helped winterize the dress — keeping things both functional, and cute! I found that belting the waist helped accentuate the shape of the dress nicely.

All in all, there is SO much you can do with one piece if you put some thought into it. You may even have some iteration of a majority of these pieces already in your closet. But if not, get creative! There are numerous ways to style simple pieces like the Clara Shirt Dress using what you’ve already got. Simply start testing out combos you haven’t yet tried, and experimenting with different ways to layer. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with!

Happy styling, my friends!

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