A Cashmere Crew 5 Ways: feat. Mott & Bow Classics

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is whipping out cozy pieces and finding new ways to style my comfy classics. In recent years, I’ve also loved putting intentionality into the gifts I give to others, and shopping sustainably and ethically whenever possible. This post combines both, integrating couple responsibly-made capsule classics with styling creativity!

Mott & Bow kindly gifted me a pair of their Boyfriend Jeans, along with this lovely Cashmere Crewneck Sweater to review, and I’ve decided to do so by showing first-hand just how versatile these classic pieces are!

The brand’s mission is to create elevated basics, at grounded prices. Founded by Alejandro Chahin, Mott & Bow began as a Kickstarter selling solely mens premium denim at accessible prices. Utilizing a direct-to-consumer model and manufacturing all pieces in Chahin’s family’s mill in Honduras, Mott & Bow has since expanded their offerings to womenswear, and other closet staples like basic tees and sweaters.

In this post, I’ll be styling two of their winter-appropriate basics!

Look #1

For this first look I’ve paired together the two pieces for simplicity’s sake. Here you can see the mid-rise fit of the denim, and the length post-alteration for my 5’2″ frame. The jeans came with an inseam of 28″, and I had 2-3″ removed to get the jeans to hit at my ankles. I’m wearing a size 25 in the Slim Boyfriend – Allen jeans, and size XS in the Cashmere Raglan Crew – Raglan. The jeans are surprisingly comfy, and don’t overstretch at the waist as many of my mid-rise jeans have.

This classic look is perfect for lounging around the apartment on weekends, and can be dressed up or kept casual as-desired. For a dressier look I’d add some elegant gold jewelry, and a pair of heeled booties. For something more casual, I’d slip on some sneakers and keep my jewelry accents minimal.

Look #2

In this second look, I’ve popped the cashmere crew on top of a wide-legged jumpsuit, and slipped on some fun socks. This combo is great for a work-from-home day, as I can slip on my clogs and some warm-weather accessories to keep me cozy should I hop out for a quick errand, or cup of coffee.

Look #3

This third look keeps the base-layers of look #1, with the addition of a plaid blazer & simple black flats. This is my “office appropriate” look, with subtle gold hoops to keep the denim dressed up.

Look #4

This next look is my personal favorite, perfect for wearing to holiday dinners and hangouts with loved ones. I’ve layered the cashmere crew on top of a festive green dress, and slipped on some earthy-toned socks to pop underneath a pair of chelsea boots.

Look #5

This last look is for the truly chilly days! For cold & snowy weather, I’ve layered a vest over the cashmere crew, and rolled up the boyfriend jeans so I can slip on my snow boots. I like to throw on a beanie and blanket scarf as well, to keep warm in this outfit!

Bonus Look!

I know I said I’d show 5 looks, but I couldn’t help throwing this one in here too! One thing I love about crew neck sweaters is how easily they pair with collared tops. In this look, I’ve thrown it on top of a chambray button-front dress to winterize an otherwise spring/summer piece. However, you could definitely make a similar look work with a normal button-up top or tee!

At the end of the day, there’s a lot we can do with a little! I hope this style guide gave some inspiration for pieces you likely already own, and how you might creatively style them this holiday season. And if you’re on the lookout to invest in a couple capsule classics, definitely give Mott & Bow a browse!

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