#fauxfall10x10 round-up

For those of you that are in Slow & Ethical Fashion realm of Instagram, you’ve probably heard of the #10x10challenge. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a simple challenge in which participants select 10 pieces to wear exclusively for 10 days straight. It’s up to the participant whether or not shoes are included in these 10 pieces, but for flexibility sake I tend to keep shoes out of my selection.

The purpose of the challenge is to help those new to a minimalist wardrobe (hello, it me!) experiment with creative ways to style what you already own, while refining and embracing one’s personal style. The #fauxfall10x10 was hosted by a group of California-based slow fashion bloggers that wanted to encourage folks to consider how to creatively style one’s wardrobe despite the un-autumn-like weather that the 10-day challenge took place during.

This 10×10 was the 3rd challenge I’ve had the pleasure of participating in, and after this round I feel like I’m finally starting to nail down the styles and palettes I’d like to integrate longterm into my capsule closet! Here’s a round-up featuring my 10 pieces, along with a few of my favorite ways to style them.

First up are a couple lovely pieces that were gifted to me by Encircled. Encircled is a Toronto-based brand that responsibly knits all of their garments in-house. They pride themselves on their versatile pieces that are made from sustainable fabrics. You’ll see this Wanderer Sleeveless Tee (size S), and these All Day Wide Leg Pants (size S, altered) pop up a number of times in my 10×10 looks, because their pieces truly ARE as versatile as they claim! Both pieces are made from a blend of eco-friendly Modal fabric, which is sustainably sourced from beech-tree pulp in a process where 95% of the water and materials used are recycled.

The next couple pieces I’ll introduce are this VETTA Capsule Oversized Sweater (size XS) that I happened to find secondhand via Poshmark, and these vintage mom jeans that I found on Relovv. I actually included this oversized sweater in the first 10×10 challenge I participated in, and it’s proven to be one of the most worn, versatile pieces in my closet. In this look I’ve done a French tuck with the sweater in turtleneck form, but I also styled it as a cardigan, and crew neck in other looks.

Pieces 5 & 6 include a this light green, vintage blouse that I picked up from my favorite Vintage Curator in Seattle, Market Collective. It’s 100% silk, and 200% versatile! But really — all jokes aside, I’ve gotten a TON of wear out of this simple silk blouse. I even did a little IGTV video showing it in all of it’s glory. Beneath it, I’m wearing a secondhand Hackwith Design House shell top that I found on Poshmark. Both pieces are light enough to wear all year round, which was perfect for this faux-fall challenge.

This secondhand Everlane Go-Weave Zip-back Tee (size 0) is the 7th of my 10 challenge items. It was perfect for business casual dress, which was what I needed for the day I wore this outfit. I paired it with my 8th challenge pick, a pair of Only Child Linen Pants (size 6) that I bought secondhand from a friend. Throughout this challenge I found that I really love this terra cotta shade, and will be integrating the color long-term in my wardrobe.

The last 2 pieces of my 10 picks, are this Eileen Fisher Chore Coat I snagged secondhand on Poshmark, and this gorgeous Anthropologie ribbed sweater that I found at Editor Consignment, in Seattle. Chore coats are pretty trendy this year, but since I’ve identified that I love a boxy fit, I was excited to add this thrifted find to my wardrobe for long-term wear. The sweater had a similar tone to that of my terra cotta-colored pants, with burnt orange tones that I’ve also come to love.

All-in-all, this challenge helped me identify that I am all about earthy tones. Prior to beginning my journey in building a capsule wardrobe I’d been too afraid to commit to color, and my wardrobe consisted of primarily black, white, and grey pieces (much like the look above.) But through participating in a handful of 10×10 challenges, I’ve found that the earthy tones I’m drawn to add a pop of color, while still maintaining versatility in styling.

This challenge has also reinforced my love for a boxy look. As I shared in prior blogposts, I’d been warned to stay away from boxy pants & tops in the past due to my petite frame. However, I came to find that rocking a pair of wide leg pants with boxy tops and sweaters created a sense of comfort, ease, and boldness as I went about my week.

Thank you to California-based hosts, @charliekilo @tinted_green @helloarielchrstine @mayetteraisa @callmeflowerchild @jessica.harumi and @gabrielasage for hosting yet another wonderful, 10×10 Challenge. It certainly won’t be my last!

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