The Perfect Gift for a Loved One: JORD Watches & Bands

The Perfect Gift for a Loved One: JORD Watches & Bands

Since beginning my journey in slow and ethical fashion, I’ve come across numerous brands doing incredible work to responsibly produce goods that are beneficial and respectful to both the people involved in manufacturing, and the environment. As I’ve been on my own journey in sustainable living, friends and family have become curious about how they too, can live and shop more responsibly. Since most of my exploration has up to this point has been in the realm of fashion, a majority of the brands I’ve been exposed to create ethically-made women’s clothing. More recently though, I’ve gotten connected with a few companies that are creating quality, timeless, gender neutral pieces. One of these companies, is JORD.

JORD (pronounced “yode”) is based in St. Louis, and makes quality watches made from natural, and largely reclaimed materials. Their gorgeous wood watches are both beautifully crafted, and mindfully made. From bamboo to olive, to numerous others; there are a total of 13 species of wood that JORD utilizes to create their watches.  As you browse their website you’ll find that they provide information about the quality and texture of wood itself, where it comes from, and how sustainable it is. This transparency empowers customers to make an informed decision when considering which watch best suits their lifestyle and needs.

In addition to building their watches with quality wood, the glass and movements that make up their pieces are also built to last.  

JORD was kind enough to gift my husband David a Zebrawood band to accompany his Apple watch. Sourced from Congo, West Africa; Zebrawood contains pronounced growth rings that create a highly contrasted, yet timelessly classic watch design. The band itself is stylish, yet made to be worn for years to come. David has sported it for everyday wear, during our recent Maui trip, and for classier occasions such as date nights or weddings. He’s found it easy to dress up, or wear casually; making it a perfect capsule wardrobe piece.

Funny enough, I actually gifted David a wooden watch for one of our first dating anniversaries a few years back. And though it was a beautiful watch, we both noticed that it wore out quickly. In contrast, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how the quality and craftsmanship of his JORD band seems to withstand the wear of day-to-day living, and the occasional Seattle down-pour (the wood is water-resistant.) Needless to say he’ll be wearing this watch for a lifetime! In addition to the incredible craftsmanship, JORD watches are custom sized, with a one year warranty and the option for personalized engravings to ensure that your watch is perfect for yourself, or a loved one.

I’m excited to share that in this next month I’ll be hosting a giveaway with JORD, so one of you can add this capsule classic to your own wardrobe!  The winner will receive a $100 gift-code toward the purchase of any watch (or Apple watch band) on JORD’s website, and will be announced at the end of this month via email.

To enter, simply provide your name, email address, and preferred gender here:

All entrants will at the very least, receive 10% off your order — so it’s a win-win situation!

Best of luck to all of you who enter. I hope you enjoy their classic watches as much as we have 🙂  

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