Intro to Partnerships: Skylar

I’m an evangelist. Always have been, probably always will be. And not necessarily in the religious sense of the word – though I have had my fair share of experience in evangelical ministry; but more so in my inherent enthusiasm for the things I love, and my desire to share that enthusiasm with others.

All that being said — when I find a great podcast, a well-written book, an amazing company, etc. – I can’t help but tell everyone I know about it. And initially when I started this blog, my intention was to stay far, far away from the world of sponsored posts, paid collaborations, and promoting products simply for the sake of growing a quick following. I didn’t want to risk the integrity of authentic writing, for some free fast-fashion pieces or a pyramid-scheme asking me to exchange a discount code for some free publicity. I also didn’t want to promote unnecessary or excessive consumption.

However, as I continue in my own personal journey exploring the intersection of socially conscious living and holistic wellness, I’ve come to find that this journey is less about eliminating consumption altogether, and more about orienting myself to question what I consume, where it comes from, and whether or not it’s beneficial to myself and the world around me.

And so, given my inherently-enthusiastic nature, I should’ve known that the time would eventually come when I’d find companies, products, and content that I’d have the urge to write about. As I’ve begun exploring the realm of ethical fashion, conscious consumerism, and holistic wellness; I’ve been humbled by some of the incredible people, companies, and stories I’ve come across. And though I’m early on in my journey of exploring these topics, I’ve made the decision to start sharing some of these resources for those who are interested in learning about what I’ve personally come to find helpful. Over the next few months, I’ll be incorporating highlights of a few ethical and inspiring brands I’ve come across – some of which I have professional partnerships with, and others that I’m simply just a huge fan of. I hope what I share can be of interest to those of you on a similar journey exploring a lifestyle that pursues wellness, and mindful living.

55F99081-7697-42D7-AA3D-46516F9ED59ERecently I was contacted by Skylar; a natural fragrance company whose mission is to celebrate Body Beauty by creating a new world of fragrance by using clean, conscious ingredients to craft beautiful, innovative and hypoallergenic scents for yourself and your home. Needless to say, I was impressed with the vision of the company. I hadn’t yet considered how the perfumes or scents I used daily might have an impact on my personal health, or the wellbeing of the planet.

As I learned more about Skylar, I was pleasantly surprised by the integrity and transparency of this relatively new fragrance company. Skylar promises clean, conscious, and innovative products as they eliminate the top 6 “dirty ingredients” present in most scent companies. Their products are completely free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animal-derived ingredients, and synthetic dyes. Y’all…I’ve been using perfumes, and candles for YEARS; and never thought to consider what ingredients were contributing to these smell-good scents.

The company’s founder, Cat Chen (shout-out to WOC-owned businesses!!), started Skylar when she discovered her 4-year-old daughter was allergic to her traditional perfumes. As someone who’d been working with the Honest Company, she began the hunt for clean fragrance products that lived up to these same clean standards. Unable to find a fragrance brand that was hypo-allergenic and toxin-free, she decided to work towards the creation of clean fragrance and thus, Skylar was created.

Since April of 2017 the company has launched roll-on and spray perfumes, and home fragrance candles inspired by their perfume scents. Their products have received incredible reviews, and multiple magazine features.

Skylar’s innovative approach to scent utilizes nature-powered perfumes and candles that are packaged and produced with well-being of both people, and the planet in mind. Expanding the frontier of “clean beauty” as they pioneer the creation of hypoallergenic perfumes, Skylar’s products dispel the myth of “natural” being equivalent to “healthier,” and instead cultivate just the right formulae of both natural, and lab-made ingredients to produce scents that are safe for even the most sensitive of customers.

14B5114B-3672-4856-B6D6-9FCC60D4FDFEWhat I’m super excited to announce is that I have the honor of partnering with Skylar to launch their newest product, in the form of a program called the Scent Club. Over this next season, I’ll be collaborating with Skylar to share the mantra, back-story, and limited-edition scent that is included in this monthly membership. As a regular perfume-wearer, I’m really looking forward to incorporating cleaner scents into my daily routine. In my own journey toward holistic wellness, replacing my current face and beauty products with healthier alternatives has been a slow but steady part of the process, so I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do so with my good-smelling-scents as well!

The first Scent Club perfume they sent me is Magic Bloom, accompanied by the mantra “nurture your inner magic”. Before getting into the incredible smell, and encouraging mantra of this month’s scent, can I just say how impressed I was with their packaging?! 4FC4CC78-59D5-48FE-98D6-938B045432B9Yes, of course the box was beautiful…but what I really appreciated, was how minimal and eco-friendly it all was.  I’ve always side-eyed Amazon, amongst other brands that ship tiny items in huge boxes, with un-recyclable styrofoam, packing peanuts, etc. Skylar however shipped their Scent Club box in a compact, recyclable box with compostable packing peanuts made of non-toxic, biodegradable organic vegetable starch. After opening, you simply put them in your kitchen sink, and they’ll dissolve upon touching water. How clever is that?!

This new scent was spot on as well. The first time trying it on I asked my husband what he thought, and his immediate response was “oh wow, it really smells like spring!” I couldn’t agree more. With hints of yuzu, magnolia, and pear; this citrus-infused scent gently wakes up my senses, nudging me into a smooth transition from the dreary Seattle winters into a bright and vibrant spring. I’m looking forward to ushering in the warmer weather this month with this light and cheery scent.

The box also came with a bookmark for Scent Club members to write down their own response to the mantra, “I will nurture my inner magic this month by…” I chose to personally nurture my own inner magic this month by stopping to pay attention to my body, my mind, and my soul.


This month brings a lot of transition for me. We just moved into a new neighborhood and have simplified our lifestyle to accommodate for a much smaller living space. I’ve also just begun a new job, volunteering as an Impact Editor for a local non-profit to hone-in on my writing and creativity skillset. And as I continue to invest in my personal blog, I’m beginning the exploration of new partnerships, writing topics, and lifestyle changes that I hope will make a long-term impact in my life and the lives of others for years to come.

In the midst of all this change I’m finding it increasingly important to actively stop, observe and tend to the wellbeing of my body, mind, and soul. These 3 aspects of my being are so interconnected, and influential in what I can give to the people around me; but are also the most easily neglected during times of busyness and change. So, with the mantra of nurturing my inner magic in mind, and my portable roll-on scent in hand as a reminder; I look forward to actively investing in acknowledging and nurturing those 3 areas of my life and being.

This is just the first scent of the monthly fragrance that I’ll be receiving as a Scent Club member, but I look forward to sharing about the scent and mantra of future scents as they come. If you’re interested in following along, you can do so as I share more on Instagram (@marikoashley) Otherwise, you can try it for yourself (along with any other Skylar products) for 10% off with the code MARIKOS10 🙂

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    1. It really is lovely! And yeah I’m in the same boat, I’d never considered perfume/candle ingredients until now!


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